Announcing serversession

I’m pleased to announce the serversession family of packages.


HTTP is a stateless protocol. Cookies are used to create sessions out of otherwise independent requests made by the browser to the server. There are many ways of managing sessions via cookies, but they can be mostly separated into two big camps:

Client-side sessions
The cookie data contains the session data. For example, it could contain a shopper’s login and cart contents.
Server-side sessions
The cookie data contains a session identifier, and the session data is kept on a database indexed by the session identifiers.

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Esqueleto now supports IN and EXISTS

Since version 0.2.9 that I’ve just released, esqueleto supports IN and EXISTS operators (and their negated counterparts). For example:

select $
from $ \person -> do
where_ $ exists $
         from $ \post -> do
         where_ (post ^. BlogPostAuthorId ==. person ^. PersonId)
return person

Enjoy! =)

PS: I’ll try to post more in the future, so keep tuned =).