Changing NetworkManager route metrics

If you use NetworkManager with more than one interface, you probably want to control the metric of their routes. Here’s one way you can do it.


I got a PCI Express WiFi card (wlan0) and a USB WiFi dongle (wlan1). On my system, NetworkManager will activate both at the same time. Then it gives metric 600 to the first one to be activated, and 601 to the second one.

What I wanted was to say: hey, NetworkManager, use metric 500 for wlan1 and 600 for wlan0. It doesn’t look like this is supported, though. Also, DuckDuckGo and Google didn’t help me much.

Digging through the nm-settings(5) man page, though, I found the route-metric option.  It’s not ideal because it’s applied to a connection, not to a device.  But it works fine for my use case as each WiFi interface is connected to a different WiFi network.

Step 1: Find out which are your connections

Use the nmcli helper to list your connections:

$ nmcli connection
NAME       UUID                                  TYPE             DEVICE
Network 1  f0ed603c-f3c3-4acb-b54b-bb857bd9c5b5  802-11-wireless  wlan0       
Network 2  2b4b7240-36bd-407a-a3aa-169abb0ce6c4  802-11-wireless  wlan1

As you can see here, each interface is using a different connection.

Step 2: Set the connection’s default route metric

For example, to set the wlan1 interface’s default route metric to 500, just change its connection:

$ nmcli connection modify uuid 2b4b7240-36bd-407a-a3aa-169abb0ce6c4 ipv4.route-metric 500
$ nmcli connection modify uuid 2b4b7240-36bd-407a-a3aa-169abb0ce6c4 ipv6.route-metric 500
$ nmcli connection show   uuid 2b4b7240-36bd-407a-a3aa-169abb0ce6c4 | grep route-metric
ipv4.route-metric:                      500
ipv6.route-metric:                      500

Step 3: Check that your routing table is correct

NetworkManager should automatically change the route’s metric:

$ ip route
default via dev wlan1  proto static  metric 500 
default via dev wlan0  proto static  metric 600 dev wlan0  proto kernel  scope link  src  metric 600 dev wlan1  proto kernel  scope link  src  metric 500

If it didn’t, try restarting NetworkManager.

8 thoughts on “Changing NetworkManager route metrics”

  1. Nice summary & good (if hidden) tip!

    In one of my use cases, on a Raspberry Pi 2 running a Debian (jessie) based distro on armhf architecture, NetworkManager does not offer the route-metrics option. So YMMV if using older NM versions.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks from me, too. This lets me setup my network routing rules the way I really need them much easier 🙂

    1. How can I make these changes persistent? Do you have an example boot script or systemd service?

      1. The changes are persistent. They get applied to the applicable connection profile in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/

  3. This has been irritating me for months: My lab network connection was always getting a lower routing metric than the corporate connection, so my ritual on every logon has been disconnecting the two connections and then reconnecting them in the order I want them in. Now I can concentrate on drinking my coffee. Thanks!

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